New York, New York

It’s a hell of a town all right. And if you’re doing business here (or anywhere near here), you need all the legal protection you can get. That’s why you need to incorporate your business, no matter how small or informal it may be.

That’s because without incorporating, you are your business. Someone slips on a banana peel while walking by your bodega, chokes on an ice cream cone you sold them or gets hit by an air conditioner that falls out of your office window — and guess who’s responsible?

That’s right. You. Even the simplest accident or misunderstanding can result in a disastrous lawsuit. You can lose your home, your car, your life. Then there’s the government. Screw up your bookkeeping, report the wrong sales tax info or pay a parttime worker out of your pocket and you can be in big trouble. Make the same mistake with your LLC or your S Corp. and it’s in real trouble while you are at least somewhat shielded.

Fortunately, setting up a corporation isn’t difficult. It doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be confusing. We’ve put together this site to help small and start-up businesses get the protections incorporating offers. Read on!